Marijuana Help for Parents

As a parent or concerned adult, it can be difficult to talk about marijuana with the youth in your life. Help for Parents offers just that, help. It will give you advice on how to approach the conversation and the importance of having these conversations with youth. It provides links to health risks and legal consequences so that you can provide accurate information while being open and honest with them. This resource also offers information for parents on preventing youth substance abuse and how to approach the subject for different age groups. Click here to learn more.

Marijuana Resources

This link offers many resources from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that contain information about safe, legal and responsible use for a variety of topics. The documents are available for download, print or order.   They are available in a variety of languages and cover topics such as Marijuana and Your Baby, Tips for Parents, Youth and Marijuana, Answers to Common Questions, Retail Marijuana and the Methods of Use, Laws and Responsible Use, information for Visitors and the laws in Colorado and Health Effects of Marijuana. Click here for more information.

Teen Drug Abuse Information

Teen Drug Abuse can be difficult to diagnose as a parent. This website offers information on how to help your child make healthy life choices and steer clear of drug abuse. They also offer scientific facts about drugs and how they can affect your child’s body and mind which is important to discuss with them. This site also helps you learn the signs of drug addiction, what to look for and how to get help and where to start. Click here to learn more.

Parent Toolkit for Drug-Free Kids

The Parent Toolkit for Drug-Free Kids offers tips for raising drug-free kids. It provides tips on how to prevent drug use at every age, how to better understand teens, how to connect with your teens, how to spot drug and alcohol use, and ways to help your community. It also has information on where to get help and steps to take if your child is using or you suspect that they are. Click here for more information.

Family Checkup – Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse

Research has shown the important role parents play in preventing children from starting to use drugs. As a parent, you may often be concerned about whether or not you child is using drugs or is there a chance they will start. There are five important questions they cover on this website that highlights parenting skills that are important in preventing the initiation and progression of drug use. These questions cover how you communicate and how you encourage. They ask if can you negotiate emotional conflicts and work toward resolution, and are you able to set limits when your teen is defiant or disrespectful. And are you monitoring your teen to assure that they don’t spend too much time with peers while unsupervised? This site will help you navigate through these questions and learn how you can help your teen by being the parent they need you to be.  Click here to learn more.

Youth Suicide Prevention Resource Website

Suicide is a leading cause of death for Colorado’s youth and young adults. The encouraging news is that there are many effective suicide prevention programs that can bring hope, connectedness, and recovery to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide. Suicide is always a complex issue, and suicide is never the result of one cause. The complexity of suicide holds true for youth, as well as for adults, where suicide risk is a culmination of various factors, and never the result of just one cause. Click here for more information.