Marijuana in Colorado

Good to Know Colorado is a great resource for prevention. They believe it is important to be safe, be educated and to be responsible. They offer information to do just that. Resources include Marijuana 101, safe use, how it affects your health, and information about youth prevention. You can learn the laws for marijuana use in Colorado, what you can and cannot do. They also offer information for tourists as well as for those who are pregnant or breast feeding. Click here for more information.

Speak Now!

Speak Now! Is a wonderful resource for parents and anyone who works with youth. It offers information on how to talk to kids, how to identify high risk behaviors and how to set up a plan for creating healthy habits. They also cover different scenarios and how to handle them. You can also get information on the current laws that are in place, community resources that are available and how to access them, facts on marijuana and other drugs and a quiz to test your knowledge on drugs and the effects they can have. Click here to learn more.